Runaway Train of Thought

The importance of a good rant.

People love to listen.  Since the invention of speech some 40,000 years before people started writing shit down we have been telling stories and also complaining but ideally mostly telling stories.  And a good story works a lot the way a rant does.

While ranting, you are frantic, high energy and excited.  This is how a compelling story is told.  A rant misses no details.  You speak without breath covering every facet of whatever the fuck by ensuring you talk on the matter until there is nothing left to say.  You skip no details and you emphasize points.  The reasons ranting is important are three fold.

1. Stress: Ever get home and want to find your nearest friend and go on a tirade about something that really pissed you off?  Do it.  You may be thinking now, “But, in that last post you said not to exert energy on things you dislike!”  Well first of all, life advice is often conflicting; deal with it.  But second of all, disliking things is active and constant and a perpetual drain on your resources.  A good rant will actually bring all of that tension to the surface, and you can get everything that pisses you off out into the air and it can float away.

2. Entertainment: Simply put, rant’s are funny.  It is hilarious to watch someone verbally eviscerate their boss, bus driver, or the smelly dude on the rush hour commute, because not only can we relate to these things, but watching people get worked up is funny.  Funny people have more friends, and more things to like, which means they spend less time being stressed.  I feel like this is getting repetitive but…

3. Perspective: Nothing screams perspective like a good rant.  You can talk about this minutia until you are blue in the face and at the end you will realize that it was so unimportant and now it is out of your life.  We, as human beings, feel infinitely small in a vast and unending universe.  Sometimes shit builds up and we start to think that we have this horrible life or that horrible shit is always happening to us.  Then we go see our expensive therapists, who let us rant until we are blue in the face and then ask us, “How does that make you feel.” Well, if you’ve been following then at this point you should realize that ranting does the same shit.  

Get all worked up about your feelings, let out all that tension, laugh about how fucking stupid you must have just sounded, and then go on with your life having put another unfortunate happenstance behind you.

The difference between dislike and don’t like.

There are key grammatical differences in the world that I feel many people choose to ignore, so to explain them I will explain my hierarchical sorting of all things.  There are things I like: coffee, rainbows, video games, booze, friends, books, etc.  There are things I don’t like: work, cloudy days, water.  Then there are things I dislike: shitty people, shitty food, being bored, cold weather.  The balance of the universe is contingent on people sorting out their lives into three sections; positive, negative and neutral.  It is so important to not like without disliking.  Hate takes energy, a lot of energy.  But apathy requires nothing, and in life it is important to take the things that are so impertinent to your existence that wasting the energy on disliking them is actually a hindrance and just not like them.  You don’t have to anything them.

you can nothing them.

and that is probably the key to happiness, because it is so much more effort to be sad than happy and it’s because people have prioritization issues. 

don’t be afraid to be apathetic, that shit is important.  And don’t be afraid to cut the things that you don’t or dislike out of your life.

I’m not telling you to only do things that make you happy, because that’s impossible.  I’m telling you to never do anything that makes you unhappy.